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Pen Test Shows High Level of Cybersecurity for FiberPatrol FP1150

Penetration testing banner

A penetration test (pen test) simulates a cyberattack against a system to check for vulnerabilities.

Senstar performs pen tests on its intrusion detection systems to ensure they:

  • Protect against vulnerabilities that would enable an attacker to gain access to or control of the machine from over the network.
  • Protect against vulnerabilities that would allow an attacker to take control of the physical security monitoring aspect of the system and either disable the detection capabilities of the system or create decoy alarms.

The following example report from an established cybersecurity consultancy shows the results of a pen test performed on a combined FiberPatrol FP1150 fiber optic intrusion detection sensor and Network Manager software system.

See our previous post, where we looked at specific measures that FiberPatrol and Network Manager software uses to reduce potential attack vectors and protect against vulnerabilities.