Case Study

Brazil Airports: Natal and Brasilia

Symphony™ Video Management Software (VMS) helps airports keep people, cargo, and flights safe and moving

Video surveillance footage of a boarding area at an airport

Senstar recently completed the deployment of its Symphony video management software (VMS) at Natal Airport, located in one of the most important cities in northeast Brazil. The configuration replicates that used at Brasilia Airport in Brazil’s capital, where Symphony has been running for several years. Both airports are managed by Inframérica, part of Corporación América, the largest private airport operator in the world.

Symphony supports video surveillance visualization and storage, native analytics, lower usage of hardware, and integration with legacy systems, all packaged in a user-friendly interface. Along with its scalability, customizability and configurability, Symphony helps organizations improve security and operations, and provides business intelligence.

With Natal and Brasilia airports using Symphony and its analytics, Inframérica has successfully optimized resources, centralized management and ensured data reliability and availability.


Inframérica uses Symphony as their only VMS, monitoring in real time, and storing and recovering images simultaneously. Whether using distributed or centralized storage, through Symphony, Inframérica provides segmented and audited access to the cameras and system functions to internal teams (including security, IT, and commercial services) and external clients (such as Federal Police, Brazilian Customs, and airports tenants).


Symphony is used in the management of airport operations. Information such as queue size, crowd identification and user counts are made available by the system to the operations team. In addition, information of this kind helps to fulfill legal requirements related to this type of environment.

Business Intelligence

Inframérica uses Symphony analytics to optimize the commercial management of the airports. With information on passenger movement, heat mappingand face recognition, business teams can work together with tenants to develop strategies and optimize resources.

X-Ray Inspection – A customized analytic for airports

One of the innovations that is being implemented in Inframérica’s airports is automated queuing time control in x-ray inspection. Through Symphony’s advanced analytics, configured specifically for this application in airports, it is possible to generate required ANAC (Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency) reports automatically, without the need for human intervention.


Since the installation of Symphony, the airports have benefitted from increased surveillance efficiency, improved security and operations management, and enhance business intelligence and process automation.

For Alberto Lopez, Inframérica’s Information Technology Manager, the deployment of Symphony at the company’s two airports has added technological intelligence to provide video security data, as well as increased surveillance efficiency.

“Inframérica plans to expand its operations in Brazil and would like to continue working with Senstar on technology innovations in security and have it as a partner in future projects.”

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