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Protecting the Next-Generation of Nuclear Power: Small Module Reactors (SMRs)

Although nuclear power generation has been providing clean energy for almost 70 years, the cost, complexity and perceived safety issues of large power plants has limited their adoption. To meet environmental goals, governments and industry are re-examining nuclear options and aggressively pursuing Small Module Reactor (SMR) technologies. Using new design concepts, SMRs offer the opportunity meet low-carbon objectives while reducing costs, complexity and deployment risks.   

From a physical security perspective, these new facilities offer a “greenfield” opportunity to use a modernized approach, one that includes point-locating intrusion detection sensors with built-in redundancy, standardized software interfaces for video surveillance systems, new AI-based analytic technologies, and fully integrated access control systems. 

Senstar: A Proven Track Record Protecting Nuclear Facilities 

Senstar has extensive experience protecting nuclear facilities of all types, including new SMRs. In fact, Senstar security technology protects over 25% of all nuclear facilities worldwide! The presence of nuclear materials (both fuel and waste) requires a strict, multi-layered approach to security, one comprised of multiple, high-performing technologies. With Senstar’s extensive portfolio, nuclear operators can benefit from working with a single, trusted vendor, reducing integration costs and resolving any customer support issues quickly and efficiently. 

Senstar sensors protect the critical areas of nuclear facilities worldwide. The XField volumetric sensor meets NRC 5.44 and is deployed extensively.

Security Starts at the Perimeter 

Senstar offers a range of high-performance, field-proven perimeter intrusion detection sensors ideal for SMRs: 

  • FiberPatrol – A point-locating fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection sensor, ideal for medium and large facilities that house multiple reactors. Its sensing cables have 25+ year service lives, have no active in-field components, and are suitable for fence, wall, and buried applications. 
  • FlexZone – A guided RF sensor with point-locating capabilities, FlexZone is ideal for smaller or single SMR sites as it’s cost-effective and easy to install. 
  • Sentar LM100 – For sites without suitable perimeter lighting, the Senstar LM100 is a 2-in-1 solution that combines illumination with perimeter intrusion detection. When an intrusion is detected, the lights can strobe at the intrusion location, helping to deter intruders while notifying on-site staff. 
  • XField – A free-standing volumetric intrusion detection sensor, it supports heights of up to 7.3 m (24 ft) and meets the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Regulatory Guide 5.44 requirement. XField provides the highest probability of detection and is often deployed to protect highly sensitive fuel storage areas. 

Senstar’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions makes Senstar a “one stop-shop” for multi-layered security solutions, from the outer perimeter to sensitive internal areas.

A Common Operating Platform for Improved Situational Awareness 

Detection at the perimeter is only the first step to security at SMR facilities. To assist security personnel in detecting, assessing, and responding to threats, Senstar has developed powerful video and security management features for the Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform, a modular system that combines security management, video management, access control, and video analytics under a unified interface. With Senstar Symphony, security personnel, both on-site or remote can maintain situational awareness, knowing exactly what is happening where, and take necessary actions.  

Senstar Symphony includes support for a wide range of enhanced security and data intelligence features, including: 

  • Face recognition and Automatic License Plate Recogition (ALPR) video analytics: Streamline access control and automate common operations.  
  • Sensor Fusion Engine: Defeat nuisance alarms once and for all. An AI-enabled enhancement for perimeter sensors and video analytics, the Sensor Fusion Engine further increases the probability of detection against sophisticated attacks without increasing nuisance alarms. 
  • Link metadata from SCADA systems with video and thermal images captured by surveillance systems, providing enhanced remote assessment and verification of primary systems. 

Integrate with Third-Party Equipment, Cameras and Systems  

Senstar products are designed to be deployed as part of a multi-layered, security-in-depth solution, and support a range of integration options, including certified integrations with third-party security and video management systems. 

Nuclear facilities have extended service lives, making the security and video systems at these facilities an investment that needs to provide protection and value for many years. Choosing the right technologies from the right vendors when securing your site is important. Our products support open standards and interfaces, enabling flexibility and options, not just today but for the entire lifecycle of your system. 

For More Information  

For information on how Senstar can help protect your facility, contact your local Senstar representative.