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What is Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)?

A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is a security solution specifically designed to detect unauthorized access or intrusion attempts along the physical boundaries of a facility, such as a building, industrial site, military installation, or other sensitive areas. The primary purpose of a PIDS is to provide early warning and detection of intruders, allowing security personnel to respond quickly and effectively to potential threats.

PIDS can be implemented using various technologies and methods, including:

  1. Fence-mounted sensors: These sensors detect attempts to climb or cut through a fence. Examples include vibration sensors, taut wire systems, and fibre-optic sensors.
  2. Buried cable sensors: Buried cable systems detect the pressure or movement associated with people or vehicles crossing a buried cable, which is typically installed around the perimeter of the protected area.
  3. Infrared or microwave barriers: These systems create an invisible “wall” of infrared or microwave beams around the perimeter. If an intruder breaks the beam, the system triggers an alarm.
  4. Video analytics: Video surveillance cameras equipped with intelligent video analytics software can detect suspicious activity or movement along the perimeter and trigger alarms or notifications.
  5. Ground radar systems: Radar systems can detect and track intruders based on their movement, providing continuous coverage of a perimeter.
  6. Seismic, acoustic, or magnetic sensors: These sensors detect the presence of intruders by picking up vibrations, sounds, or magnetic disturbances caused by their movement.
  7. Hybrid systems: PIDS can also involve a combination of different detection technologies to enhance the overall effectiveness and minimize false alarms.

Once a PIDS detects a potential intrusion, it can take various actions, such as:

  1. Sending alerts or notifications to security personnel or a central monitoring station.
  2. Activating alarms, lights, or other deterrents to discourage intruders.
  3. Triggering the recording or live monitoring of video surveillance cameras.

A PIDS is an essential component of a multilayered security strategy, providing additional protection for critical assets and infrastructure. By detecting intrusion attempts at the perimeter, a PIDS can help prevent unauthorized access and minimize the potential impact of security incidents.

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