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What is Infrastructure Security?

Infrastructure security is the protection of structures and systems designed to protect infrastructure, especially critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructures are interconnected with information technology where they become highly vulnerable to sabotage, terrorism, even contamination if not correctly protected by this kind of security system. Any intrusion or disruption of one can affect how another network will operate, which creates significant concerns about interdependency management regarding these critical technological resources that keep everything running smoothly daily for most people around the world today.

With the adoption and integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, cyber-physical systems have become increasingly interconnected, creating additional security vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity is now inextricably linked to physical security, making it challenging for organizations to develop a comprehensive infrastructure security protocol.

Physical security and cybersecurity divisions are often siloed, which means they don’t have a holistic view of threats. Successful attacks on organizations and enterprises are more likely to happen, leading to impacts such as compromising sensitive or proprietary information, economic damage, disruption of National Critical Functions (NCFs), or loss of life.

What Senstar Offers

Senstar has been protecting critical infrastructure around the world for more than 40 years.

Check out how Senstar is helping to secure facilities in our four key markets – Utilities (Electrical, Communications, Water), Logistics, Corrections, and Energy.

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