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Welded Mesh Fencing

Welded wire mesh fences are the perfect fencing solution for security and privacy. Welded wire is a steel fence consisting of high-strength welds between wires, making them an excellent choice as they’re more durable than other types of material.

Weaving wire mesh fences together is a popular choice for high-security barriers that need to be seen through. Available in two formats: rolled or rigid; rigid mesh fencing has become popular for its durability and demarcation ability. This type of security fence has been used in many different projects from construction, civil engineering, utilities, and temporary work situations.

Senstar provides perimeter security systems that help to detect and delay intrusion attempts. Fence-mounted sensors detect and locate intruders at the fence line before they get inside a property. Senstar offers a range of fence sensors, security lighting, and other types of security solutions to meet the requirements for sites of all sizes.

What Senstar Offers

Senstar’s fence-mounted cable-based sensors detect and locate any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise breakthrough a fence and can be used with welded mesh fences to provide an additional layer of security.

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