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Security Perimeter Detection

What is a Perimeter Security System?

A perimeter security system offers a buffer time against intruders with its location away from the main building outline or footprint. It also protects areas outside the facility, such as landscaping, loading docks, and outdoor equipment. The security fence acts as an effective first line of defense by having sensors that mark your outer boundary while giving you peace of mind about any trespassers who try to enter your property illegally.

Security Perimeter Measures

Active security measures, layer monitoring, detection, and response capabilities to any perimeter security solution. These include:

  • Monitored CCTV
  • Fence sensors
  • Seismic sensors
  • Passive infrared sensors
  • Photoelectric beams
  • Laser sensors (LIDAR)
  • Radar sensors
  • Fiber-optic detection sensors
  • Microwave sensors
  • Electric monitored fences
  • Microwave sensors
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Security Beams

Perimeter Protection Beyond Cameras

Fence security is usually a multi-layered solution that includes cameras and video monitoring. However, proper end-to-end protection of critical infrastructures should consist of additional active detection measures beyond cameras.

  1. CCTV cameras may not provide complete coverage of the perimeter
  2. CCTV cameras may become less efficient based on weather conditions or blockage
  3. Intrusion verification may increase resolution and decrease false positives
  4. Decreased dependency on singular security monitoring schema

Senstar provides perimeter security systems that help to detect and delay intrusion attempts. Fence-mounted sensors detect and locate intruders at the fence line before they get inside a property. Senstar offers a range of fence sensors, security lighting, and other types of security solutions to meet the requirements for sites of all sizes.

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