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Military Fence

Military bases and facilities are secure locations used by the military to conduct operations. They may include barracks, training areas, and headquarters. Bases and facilities could also be used to store weapons and other military equipment. Therefore, specialized fencing is required to protect equipment and personnel. The fence controls traffic flow into and out of the facility and prevents intrusion.

Benefits of Military Fencing

  1. Enhanced privacy & security
  2. Customized to security requirements
  3. Restrict/control access
  4. Durability

Types of Military Fencing

  • High-security fence
  • Wire mesh fence
  • Chain link fence
Senstar provides perimeter security systems for military bases and facilities that help to detect and delay intrusion attempts. Fence-mounted sensors detect and locate intruders at the fence line before they get inside a property. Senstar offers a range of fence sensors, security lighting, and other security solutions to meet the requirements for military sites of all sizes.

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