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IP Cameras vs. Analog Cameras

There are a wide variety of cameras that can be used for security video surveillance systems. All camera options will fall into one of two categories: analog or IP (internet protocol).

Analog Cameras

With analog cameras, you need coaxial cable hook-ups and power for each camera. They can’t be moved from the location of the DVR like IP/digital ones can, so they must provide a broader range to cover more space than one digital or IP camera could alone. Finally, recorded footage will distort if enlarged because of its resolution.

IP/Digital cameras are the latest trend in security, but they do come at a cost. Not only can IP or Digital cameras be expensive to purchase outright, their utilization of bandwidth may also prove problematic for many organizations with limited internet capability.

IP/Digital Cameras

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are digital devices that offer higher resolution and better clarity than analog cameras. Connected to an NVR through a power over ethernet (PoE) switch, they only require one cable connection for the camera and the device housing its data. IP cameras can be connected remotely from any location with Internet access due to their ease of use in setup and being able to digitally enlarge pictures without losing quality. They also have many special features such as motion-triggered recording, object recognition, and smart technology to enhance the viewing experience without compromising on quality.

Digital IP cameras may be the best option if you’re looking for increased security, but they come with an increased price tag and require more bandwidth. WiFi capabilities make them easy to access remotely; however, this also makes them vulnerable to hackers, so it’s crucial to address these vulnerabilities before installation.

Following is just a sampling of specialized CCTV camera options for video surveillance:

  • Thermal image / infrared cameras
  • ANPR/LPR cameras
  • High definition cameras
  • Internal / external dome cameras
  • PTZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras
  • Discreet cameras
  • Bullet cameras

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