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How Does Facial Recognition Work?

Facial recognition systems can vary in how they function. Here is a general outline:

Face Detection

Facial recognition systems can identify a face, either alone or in a crowd. Current facial recognition systems can also scan faces whether they are looking straight at the camera or not.

Facial Analysis

When an image of a face is captured and analyzed, facial recognition solutions can search databases and identify matches. Facial recognition software can search a database looking for matches based on the distance between eyes or cheekbones – up to 80 nodal facial points.

Converting an Image to Data

A faceprint is created from the transformation of a face through mathematical formulas. Similar to the unique structure of fingerprints, each person has their own specific facial features that allow them to be recognized.

Finding a Match

A faceprint can then be compared against a database of facial photos. This process can happen in real-time or asynchronously. Using mathematical algorithms that take unique facial features into account, like bone structure and skin tone, a match can be found.

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