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Facial Recognition and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Airports, dams, power and nuclear plants, and many other critical infrastructure sites need to be continuously monitored. It is the only way they can continue running smoothly or else risk disruption from equipment issues or outages that could lead to a major disaster. Critical infrastructure protection is vital to minimize disruption from equipment failure, inefficient operation, and protect against threats and physical intrusions.

Proper security surveillance systems consist of biometric and advanced video analytics that visualize human behavior, detect wanted and unwanted individuals, safeguard restricted premises and translate data into insights in real-time to support informed decisions.

Current surveillance systems for infrastructure protection use face recognition technology as well as fingerprinting or palm reading; iris authentication is another form of identification sometimes used by these monitoring stations. In addition to detecting the presence of intruders on secured premises via live video feed, these systems can be programmed with specific parameters such as those set out by security personnel preferences. These parameters serve to flag any suspicious activity automatically and provide peace of mind when managing operations remotely.

Facial Recognition Provides Greater Security

Facial recognition, video surveillance, and video analytics provide greater safety and efficiency for employees and visitors by detecting potential threats. Applying these surveillance systems provides peace of mind without hindering efficiency or enjoyment.

Critical infrastructure sectors that can utilize face recognition technology include:

  • Chemical
  • Commercial facilities
  • Communications
  • Critical manufacturing
  • Dams
  • Defense industrial base
  • Emergency services
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Food and agriculture
  • Government facilities
  • Healthcare and public health
  • Information technology
  • Nuclear reactors, materials, and waste
  • Transportation systems
  • Water and wastewater systems

What Senstar Offers

Senstar has been protecting critical infrastructure around the world for more than 40 years.

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