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Face Recognition Guide

The physical security and biometric technologies of the future are here. With these cutting-edge advancements, access control system manufacturers have begun incorporating this technology into their products to make them more secure for both private industry and government agencies.

What are Biometrics?

Biometric technology is a way to measure and analyze biological data of the human body. The most common forms are fingerprints, retinas, DNA, facial recognition, voice patterns, and more. Biometric technology has increased in popularity because it can be used for authentication or security purposes, as well as for reducing identity theft rates by fraud prevention measures.

What is Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition uses the face as a way of identifying or confirming an individual’s identity and can be used to identify people in photos, videos, or even in real-time. Examples of how facial recognition systems can help authorities include such things as quickly finding missing children at amusement parks by scanning faces with cameras or taking drivers’ pictures when vehicles approach toll booths or security gates.

Benefits of Face Recognition for Security

  • Fast image processing
  • Accurate, reliable, detection
  • Smart search
  • Building security improvement
  • Identification of known offenders

Facial Recognition and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Airports, dams, power and nuclear plants, and many other critical infrastructures need to be continuously monitored. It is the only way they can run smoothly or else risk disruption from equipment issues or outages that could lead to a major disaster. Critical infrastructure protection is vital to minimize disruption from equipment failure, efficient operation, and protect against threats and physical intrusions.

Facial Recognition Uses Beyond Security

  • Public safety

  • Device protection

  • Workplace safety

  • Preventing crime

  • Purchasing items 

  • Marketing

  • School attendance

  • Building entry

  • Transactions

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