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Choosing the Right Video Management Solution

Video management software (VMS) and video analytics are being increasingly deployed in critical installations such as utilities, logistics facilities, prisons, oil and gas facilities, airports, hospitals, and education institutions. Recent advancements of video management technologies have led to enhanced features and increased affordability.

Consider the following tips if you plan to purchase or upgrade a video management solution:

The Big Picture

First, you need to undertake a risk assessment of your site(s) to understand vulnerabilities and how security breaches may arise. Establish who will be running the VMS – if you need consulting services and external expertise for the installation or integration. Second, put in place a maintenance plan. You need to think about the long haul – how sustainable is the identified solution, and will it meet your future needs?

Clear Expectations

Everyone needs to be on the same page. Outline your expectations, such as image quality, amount of storage, ability to expand functionality. It is equally important to evaluate the maintenance needs of the system. Having clear expectations will help in finding the best VMS even with a constrained budget.

Storage Type and Needs

Storage options can be either in-house or cloud-based. Storage needs of an organization are dependent on the amount of bandwidth required, type of video data, and budget.

It’s an Investment

The VMS should be treated as an investment since it will require upgrades, expansion, and regular maintenance. Your VMS requires a high level of attention to continue operating effectively. Find a reputable VMS provider to increase the likelihood of a good ROI.

IP or Analog?

IP solutions offer better quality compared to analog systems. Analog systems are slowly being phased out as IP-based options become more available and competitively priced.

Have a VMS Policy

It will help if you put a VMS policy in place that outlines, for example, how video data is stored, duration of storage, and handling of data releases. You may need to engage the services of a legal expert during the policy creation process. The VMS policy will help address any liability and legal issues.

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