Security Digest

Video Analytics: Seeing Is Believing

Collage of four Senstar video analytics: Indoor People Tracking, Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking, Left and Removed Item Detection, and Motion Tracker

Many vendors claim their video analytics work in real world environments.

But in security and business applications, just “working” isn’t good enough – video analytics need to work well, each and every time.

When evaluating if a vendor’s video analytics are right for your organization, don’t take their word for it. See for yourself.

Senstar offers a free 30-day trial of its Symphony video, security and information management platform, which includes built-in analytics such as Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking, Crowd Detection, Indoor People Tracking, PTZ Auto-Tracking, and Left/Removed Object Detection.

Face Recognition and Automatic License Plate Recognition are also available upon request.

While the 30-day trial is downloading, see some of Senstar’s video analytics in action:

Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking

Ideal for monitoring the movement of vehicles or people moving through a scene, such as a parking lot. OPVT offers extremely high tracking and classification accuracy.

Crowd Detection

Immediately detect crowd formations and trigger alarms when a specified number of people (capacity) or a specified percentage of people (occupancy) is reached in the selected area.

Indoor People Tracking (People Counting)

Identify traffic trends and make decisions to improve safety, security, and loss prevention.

Indoor People Tracking (Alarm Zones)

Track and monitor people at indoor locations to detect suspicious behavior and movement patterns.

PTZ Auto-Tracking

Allows control of pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras and is ideal for outdoor perimeter protection and monitoring with high quality video for future forensic purposes.

Left and Removed Item Detection

Identify items such as packages, suitcases, and backpacks that have been left erroneously or purposefully in public spaces. Can also be used to monitor important items that should not be removed from a particular place.