Security Digest

Senstar’s Sensor Fusion Engine: How It Works

Screenshot of Senstar sensor fusion engine in action

Senstar’s sensor fusion engine, a key component in the new Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform, dramatically improves upon existing perimeter intrusion detection technologies, with defeating nuisance alarms being the primary goal.

The sensor fusion engine synthesizes data from separate systems to generate actionable information. More than just a simple Boolean logic integration, the sensor fusion engine accesses low level data to intelligently characterize potential risks. When signal response data from outdoor sensors is synthesized with video analytic data, nuisance alarms generated by wind or debris are virtually eliminated while maintaining the system’s high probability of detection.

This video demonstrates the Sensor Fusion Engine in action and provides specific examples that show how it achieves a higher level of performance to that of individual intrusion detection technologies while avoiding the issues that can arise with multi-sensor Boolean logic integrations.