Senstar’s perimeter intrusion detection products are helping to secure marijuana production facilities across Canada  

July 31, 2018 

The sale and possession of marijuana for recreational consumption will officially become legal in Canada in October 2018, joining marijuana for medical purposes, which became legal in 2014. 

To meet the anticipated demand for marijuana products, production facilities have been sprouting up across the country for the past several years. These facilities are governed by extensive Health Canada regulations which include strict requirements for perimeter intrusion detection. 

Regulations state: The perimeter of the licensed producer’s site must be secured by means of an intrusion detection system that operates at all times and that allows for the detection of any attempted or actual unauthorized access to or movement in the site or tampering with the system. The same security measures apply to areas within a site where cannabis is present and all must be in place in order for a facility to receive a license to grow and manufacture marijuana. 

Senstar is leading the way in helping marijuana production facilities meet these perimeter security requirements. Over the past two years, the FlexZone fence-mounted intrusion detection system has been sold to protect over 40 sites, and Senstar’s newest product, the Senstar LM100 hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent management system, is getting a lot of attention as an ideal solution for securing these facilities.  

Based on the features and detection capabilities FlexZone provides, consultancy group Cannabis Compliance Inc. (CCI), a company created specifically to help clients receive Health Canada approval for marijuana production, specifies the system as the perimeter intrusion detection solution of choice for all of its projects. 

“At CCI we pride ourselves on using the best in perimeter intrusion detection systems, and FlexZone is at the top of our list,” said CCI Director of Strategic Sales Michael Elkin. “It is an affordable, easy-to-install system that has successfully proven to help our clients meet Health Canada perimeter security requirements.” 

Why is perimeter intrusion detection important? 

By itself, an expensive security fence is only a minor deterrent to determined intruders – they can cut-through or climb it in seconds. By the time a building’s alarm system detects them, they could already be stealing your property.  


Detect intruders before they get inside with FlexZone! 

Senstar LM100

Let intruders know they're detected before they get in!

FlexZone and the Senstar LM100 enhance an existing security system, reduce both operational costs and nuisance alarms, and above all, provide peace of mind for those doing business in the tightly regulated marijuana industry. 

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