Senstar Symphony VMS – safeguarding children, youth, and educators 

The Senstar Symphony video management system (VMS) is helping educational institutions across the globe safeguard students and staff. University students in hallway

Below are three examples of how Symphony is being used to help prevent theft, vandalism and other security threats. 

The University of Trieste installed Senstar Symphony in an attempt to prevent vandalism and theft of computer equipment. They were also looking for a system that would help them to effectively respond to emergency events and review footage for post-event investigations.
Read case study here. 

The University of Akron Police Department implemented Senstar Symphony in 2010 and since that time has deterred theft as well as reduced vandalism and property damage. The police department is able to monitor the entire campus from its central monitoring station.
Read case study here 

Princeton Regional Schools implemented Senstar Symphony to improve the safety of students and staff with centralized security management and real-time alerts of critical events.
Read case study here 

Senstar’s suite of perimeter intrusion detection products can also assist with the unique set of security requirements facing educational institutions.  Check out the Senstar portfolio here. 

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