Integrating Senstar sensors with Milestone XProtect 

Milestone XProtect Smart Client showing the status of Senstar perimeter intrusion detection sensors

Integrating perimeter intrusion detection sensors (PIDS) with a site’s video management software can substantially improve situational awareness and reduce response times. Senstar sensors can be integrated with a wide variety of third-party security and video management systems (SMS/VMS), including Milestone XProtect. 

The Network Manager (NMS)-XProtect Gateway provides complete, bi-directional integration with the Senstar perimeter sensors (including FlexZone®FiberPatrol®, the Senstar LM100™, and OmniTrax®). Based on the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK), the integration works with all current versions of XProtect.  

For additional information on the NMS-XProtect Gateway, click here.

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