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Integrating IP Video Camera Edge Storage with Video Management Systems

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Many IP network video cameras include edge storage, typically via an onboard SD card slot (some may offer network-attached storage options as well, depending on the manufacturer). Edge storage reduces the risk of losing video caused by network outages by providing short-term storage before offloading it to the main VMS video storage. It can also supply low-cost storage for sites where connectivity to centralized video servers is limited or unreliable.

To meet differing storage and retention requirements, most cameras manufacturers offer a variety of edge-recording configurations, including video resolution and quality options, different retention times, and record on event triggers.

One factor to consider is the SD card itself – its capacity, number of read/write cycles, speed class, file system type, and even operating temperature range (if used outdoors). Given the wide variety of SD options available, it’s prudent to select cards designed for network use (often marketed under the term “high endurance”) and, if supported by the camera, a non-FAT file system like Ext4 (improved stability after power failures).

The Senstar Symphony Common Operating Platform, with its enterprise-grade video management module, supports edge storage from most major camera manufacturers, including Axis, Bosch, Eclipse, Hikvision, Panasonic, Pelco, and Vivotek. In the event of a network loss, Senstar Symphony notifies the user of an offline camera. Once connectivity is re-established, the missing video footage is automatically downloaded to the server. The download process is transparent to the end-user. Offline footage is color-coded in the timeline, visually indicating the camera was offline and was downloaded from the camera’s edge storage.

Equipping your cameras with edge storage provides a simple, low-cost means to enhance overall recording redundancy, ensuring that critical video is recorded, even if network communication is unreliable or intermittent.