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FiberPatrol FP400: How-To For Integrators And Installers

FiberPatrol FP400 fiber optic fence-mounted intrusion detection sensor on a fence at the perimeter of an electrical utility site in the daytime

The FiberPatrol FP400 is a zone-reporting fence-mounted fiber optic intrusion detection sensor that detects intruders climbing, cutting or lifting the fence fabric. The sensor cable is completely immune to EMI and lightning and is intrinsically safe in explosive atmospheres, making it ideal for protecting electrical substations, pipeline valve and pump stations, oil and gas well-pads, and other critical infrastructure.

To assist system integrators and installers, Senstar has prepared a set of concise instructional “how-to” videos for the FiberPatrol FP400, covering everything from site planning to physical installation to I/O configuration.

System Overview

Installation Overview

Configuration Overview

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