Adding viewing stations to the Symphony VMS 

Did you know that the Symphony VMS doesn't require individual licenses for each viewing station or display client? You can add as many clients as you like to address your organization's needs. 

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An easy way to add clients is to use Senstar Thin Client. An alternative to PCs, the Thin Client is a compact, maintenance-free, and easy-to-use video display appliance. It doesn't run Windows, it doesn't need software or anti-virus updates, and users don't require full operator client training. 

 When deployed alongside the Symphony VMS, the Thin Client can: 

  • View live and recorded video 
  • Display up to 16 video streams on-screen at one time 
  • Use customizable layouts and carousels 
  • Export recorded video to USB or network devices 
  • Drive a video wall display 

Watch our instructional videos and see how easy it is to use the Thin Client with Symphony.

Connecting the Thin Client to the Symphony VMS

Controlling the Thin Client from the Symphony VMS
(Video Wall)

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