The many uses of Senstar’s Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) video analytic

The Senstar Symphony VMS includes an Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) video analytic that works right of out the box. A server-based analytic, it automatically tracks, records, and reports vehicle license plates from virtually all jurisdictions and works with both IP and analog surveillance cameras.  

Optimized for detecting license plates on stationary and slow-moving vehicles, the Senstar ALPR video analytic helps organizations improve both security and business operations for a wide range of applications. 

Parking Lot Enforcement

Parking lot enforcement is a natural application for ALPR, helping operators to: 

  • Eliminate the need for paper ticketing systems 
  • Reduce patrol and enforcement overhead 
  • Improve customer experience by reducing entry/exit wait times 

Limited Access Roadways

Senstar ALPR is widely used at airports and other high-traffic areas where shuttle buses, taxis, and staff vehicles have access to dedicated roadways and parking areas. To keep traffic moving, gates and lift barriers automatically open when authorized vehicles approach, eliminating the need for swipe cards or code entry systems. Not only does this reduce delays, the system also provides 24/7 video surveillance as well as searchable entry/exit times for each vehicle, which can be used for monitoring and optimizing customer service levels. 

Toll Roads and
Border Safety

By automatically detecting and indexing license plates and then comparing against white (allowed) and black (blocked) lists, Senstar ALPR provides immediate frontline protection. Ideal for toll roads, border crossings and security check points, ALPR provides a video record of each event linked with searchable metadata. 

Logistics and
Delivery Truck Routing 

Senstar ALPR is used by major automotive manufacturers to assist with just-in-time delivery processes. In these setups, the license plate of each delivery truck is automatically recorded and entered into the logistics system while an electronic display provides the driver with specific delivery instructions, such as unloading bay number. For large organizations, the operational benefits achieved by reducing delivery efficiencies are significant, offsetting the cost of ALPR system almost immediately.  

Customer Service and Risk Management 

The Senstar Symphony VMS with ALPR enables organizations to enhance customer service while avoiding risk and liability by identifying customer vehicles when they enter/exit the property. Staff can be alerted with the necessary information to provide excellent service, including customer name, history, and/or reason for appointment. In addition, should an incident occur that requires investigation, the time of the visit along with available video footage is easily retrieved.  

Deploying Senstar ALPR allows organizations to leverage their surveillance system and improve security, customer experience, and business processes. Contact your Senstar representative to learn how ALPR video analytics can help your organization. 

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