Security Digest 2019

Written by Senstar’s industry experts, Security Digest covers a range a subjects related to perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS); video management (VMS), access control, and analytics; and personal duress.

The Senstar LM100™ proves being dim isn’t always a bad thing
Outdoor lighting is an easy and effective first step to deterring theft and vandalism at electrical utility sites. But when[...]
Senstar Thin Client – Versatile video display for security and business operations
The Senstar Thin Client is a no-hassle network video display appliance. Compact and easy to install, the Thin Client can[...]
Attention shoppers: Senstar VMS products help retailers secure spaces and gather business intelligence
The Senstar Symphony™ video management system (VMS) and analytics are ideal for retailers looking to deter theft, protect staff and[...]
Beware of alligators! Adding perimeter intrusion detection to culverts
Perimeter intrusion detection isn't always just about protecting a site from human intruders. Sometimes it's about protecting humans from a[...]
Intruder Alert! Senstar’s physical security products capture shoeless bandit
The following real world video shows the sequence of events that happened when an intruder was detected with Senstar’s physical[...]
Benefits of ranging sensors
Perimeter intrusion detection sensors are highly effective solutions for securing a site. When buried, they provide a covert sensor that[...]
Green Security – Improve security while reducing environmental impact and energy costs
Effective site security can be achieved without incurring additional operational costs due to increased energy consumption. In fact, new and[...]
Addressing common frustrations with access control systems
Senstar’s new Symphony™Access Control (AC) software resolves frustrations common to access control systems – proprietary hardware, separate interfaces for access control[...]
Using covert fiber optic technology to protect borders
Securing a border that traverses sparsely populated areas poses substantial law enforcement, budgetary, and deployment challenges. To maximize the effectiveness[...]
Preventing theft with intelligent lighting and intrusion detection
After two thefts from his storage yard, Aim Marine owner David Scott looked to add a layer of security to[...]
Using wireless communications in security applications
March 5, 2019 When tasked with selecting equipment to protect a site, security professionals typically choose the technologies with which[...]
What is “environmental disaggregation” and why should you care?
"Environmental disaggregation" sounds complicated but in the physical security world of perimeter intrusion detection sensors, it has a straightforward and[...]
Installing intelligent security lighting on palisade fences   
February 5, 2019 Palisade-style fences can provide a high-level of security in an aesthetically pleasing package. Available in cut and[...]
Integrating Senstar sensors with Milestone XProtect 
Integrating perimeter intrusion detection sensors (PIDS) with a site's video management software can substantially improve situational awareness and reduce response times. Senstar[...]
Benefits of multi-streaming
Multi-streaming (sometimes called “dual streaming”) refers to a camera streaming multiple independent video streams to the video management software (VMS)[...]
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