Security Digest 2019

Written by Senstar’s industry experts, Security Digest covers a range a subjects related to perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS); video management (VMS), access control, and analytics; and personal duress.

Outdoor Vehicle and People Tracking video analytic captures ghosts haunting Senstar property
Do you believe in ghosts? The following footage recently recorded at Senstar's Sensor Integrated Test Environment (SITE) with our Outdoor[...]
Video analytics: seeing is believing
Many vendors claim their video analytics work in real world environments. But in security and business applications, just “working” isn’t good[...]
Securing correctional facilities: Inside and out
Senstar products have been protecting correctional facilities around the world for over 35 years.  Preventing escapes  Prisons and other correctional facilities[...]
How to configure a video wall in less than 3 minutes
Video walls enable organizations to quickly and easily control video streams displayed on a centralized or distributed set of monitors.[...]
Required Reading – Perimeter security for electrical utilities 101
With the new school year upon us, Senstar thought it was a good time to share our perimeter security reading[...]
The many uses of Senstar’s Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) video analytic
The Senstar Symphony VMS includes an Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) video analytic that works right of out the box. A server-based analytic, it automatically[...]
Detect. Track. Apprehend. See Senstar’s people tracking analytic in action.
The following video shows a construction site where intruders were detected, tracked, and apprehended with the help of Senstar's Symphony™[...]
The Senstar LM100™ proves being dim isn’t always a bad thing
Outdoor lighting is an easy and effective first step to deterring theft and vandalism at electrical utility sites. But when[...]
Senstar Thin Client – Versatile video display for security and business operations
The Senstar Thin Client is a no-hassle network video display appliance. Compact and easy to install, the Thin Client can[...]
Attention shoppers: Senstar VMS products help retailers secure spaces and gather business intelligence
The Senstar Symphony™ video management system (VMS) and analytics are ideal for retailers looking to deter theft, protect staff and[...]
Beware of alligators! Adding perimeter intrusion detection to culverts
Perimeter intrusion detection isn't always just about protecting a site from human intruders. Sometimes it's about protecting humans from a[...]
Intruder Alert! Senstar’s physical security products capture shoeless bandit
The following real world video shows the sequence of events that happened when an intruder was detected with Senstar’s physical[...]
Benefits of ranging sensors
Perimeter intrusion detection sensors are highly effective solutions for securing a site. When buried, they provide a covert sensor that[...]
Green Security – Improve security while reducing environmental impact and energy costs
Effective site security can be achieved without incurring additional operational costs due to increased energy consumption. In fact, new and[...]
Addressing common frustrations with access control systems
Senstar’s new Symphony™Access Control (AC) software resolves frustrations common to access control systems – proprietary hardware, separate interfaces for access control[...]
Using covert fiber optic technology to protect borders
Securing a border that traverses sparsely populated areas poses substantial law enforcement, budgetary, and deployment challenges. To maximize the effectiveness[...]
Preventing theft with intelligent lighting and intrusion detection
After two thefts from his storage yard, Aim Marine owner David Scott looked to add a layer of security to[...]
Using wireless communications in security applications
March 5, 2019 When tasked with selecting equipment to protect a site, security professionals typically choose the technologies with which[...]
What is “environmental disaggregation” and why should you care?
"Environmental disaggregation" sounds complicated but in the physical security world of perimeter intrusion detection sensors, it has a straightforward and[...]
Installing intelligent security lighting on palisade fences   
February 5, 2019 Palisade-style fences can provide a high-level of security in an aesthetically pleasing package. Available in cut and[...]
Integrating Senstar sensors with Milestone XProtect 
Integrating perimeter intrusion detection sensors (PIDS) with a site's video management software can substantially improve situational awareness and reduce response times. Senstar[...]
Benefits of multi-streaming
Multi-streaming (sometimes called “dual streaming”) refers to a camera streaming multiple independent video streams to the video management software (VMS)[...]
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