Terrain-following volumetric sensor

Xfield creates an electrostatic field around a set of 4 or 8 parallel field and sense wires. If an intruder breaches the field, an alarm is generated. XField can be used in free-standing, fence-mounted, roof and wall applications.

Features and benefits

How it works

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) analyzes the capacitance of each sense wire independently and uses the amplitude of change (size of the intruder), rate of change (movement of the intruder) and the time the target spends in the detection fields to qualify the alarm.

Each XField signal processor provides two zones of detection, A and B. Each of the zones can be configured with either 4 wires (two field wire and two sense wires) or 5 wires (three field wires and two sensor wires). To increase the height of the detection zone, the A and B zones can be stacked.


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  • XField A&E Specs – DOC - English
  • XField A&E Specs – PDF - English
  • XField Datasheet - English Spanish
  • z – Certificate – XField – CE Declaration of Conformity - English

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