Senstar Safe Spaces™

Video Analytics Solution to Help Business Operate Safely

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Senstar Safe Spaces™ is an all-in-one video analytics solution to help businesses operate safely amidst COVID-19. Consisting of the Senstar Edge Platform, a simple plug-and-play, stand-alone device with embedded software, Senstar Safe Spaces uses network cameras to verify if health and safety protocols are being followed. Face Mask Detection, Physical Distancing, Sanitization Station Monitoring, and Occupancy Counting.

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Simple, Compact Appliance

  • Stand-alone device
  • Plug-and-play
  • Embedded software
  • Uses network cameras to verify if health and safety protocols are being followed

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Monitor Health and Safety Protocols

  • Face Mask Detection
  • Physical Distancing
  • Sanitization Station Monitoring
  • Occupancy Counting

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Easy and Affordable

  • Starting at $1,990 USD
  • Setup in three easy steps
  • Seamless integration
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Simple software updates

Senstar Edge Platform

Senstar Safe Spaces™ is a plug-and-play, stand-alone device with embedded software that uses network cameras to verify if health and safety protocols are being followed.

Is everyone wearing a face mask?

Is physical distancing being practiced?

Are hands being properly sanitized?

How many people are inside?

Image of Senstar Edge Platform video analytics appliance

Detect Face Masks

The Face Mask Detection analytic determines if individuals are wearing a mask or not. The analytic will reliably detect standard medical and N95-style masks, as well as a wide variety of non-standard mask styles. If no face mask is detected, an alarm can be triggered. To protect privacy, faces can be dynamically obscured.

Watch analytic in action

Screenshot of face mask detection video analytic

Measure Physical Distancing

The Physical Distancing analytic measures the physical distance between each person over time.  The analytic can determine if physical distancing guidelines are being met (for example, 2 m or 6 ft) for small crowds of people. It is capable of monitoring larger areas, both indoors and outdoors. If proper spacing is not taking place, an alarm can be triggered. To optimize accuracy, a direct view of people is necessary.

Watch analytic in action

Screenshot of physical distancing analytic

Monitor Hand Sanitization

The Hand Sanitization analytic monitors the behavior of people within a defined area and determines if they take the required time to properly wash and/or sanitize their hands. Set a time threshold to ensure people spend an appropriate amount of time sanitizing their hands. If the time threshold is not reached, an alarm can be triggered

Watch analytic in action

Screenshot of and Sanitization video analytic

 Count In/Out Traffic

The Occupancy Counting analytic uses Senstar’s Indoor People Tracking technology to track the movement of people as they enter and leave by crossing over a defined 2-way count line. Ensure maximum occupancy limits are not exceeded, and if the number of people exceeds the number allowed, an alarm is generated.

Watch analytic in action

Screenshot of occupancy counting video analytic

Senstar Safe Spaces Features

Seamless Integration

Senstar Safe Spaces can use any ONVIF-compliant network camera, can work with any video management system, or stand on its own. There is no need to replace VMS software, cameras, or servers.

20 Years of Experience

Senstar Safe Spaces has been developed using the latest innovations and benefits from Senstar’s nearly 20 years of experience deploying video analytic solutions. Senstar video analytics, such as people tracking, crowd detection, and face recognition, are used to safeguard businesses, airports, schools and high-security facilities around the world.

Easy to Use

Senstar Safe Spaces analytics are configured through an intuitive built-in web interface. Visually set the camera height and angle, then draw the size of the detection object (for example, average face mask size). The system does the rest.

Setup In Three Steps

Setup of Senstar Safe Spaces is as easy as 1, 2, 3: add cameras, choose analytics, and configure rules.

Network Diagram

With Senstar Safe Spaces businesses can use network cameras to monitor their premises and receive alerts when health protocols such as face mask wearing and hand sanitization are not followed.

Consisting of a simple device with embedded software, Senstar Safe Spaces works with any camera or video encoder that supports ONVIF. Alerts may be sent to any video management software that supports ONVIF alerts or to a mobile phone or tablet via text message.

Diagram of Safe Spaces set-up

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