UltraLink Input / Output Modules

Flexible input / output modules for system integration

UltraLink I/O modules enhance Senstar perimeter sensors by extending the range of system integration options though the use of different I/O types, including outputs (relay, open-collector) and supervised dry-contact inputs. UltraLink IO modules can be used to integrate alarm and other site status conditions generated from third-party devices with that of Senstar’s perimeter sensors.

Via Senstar’s Network Manager software, UltraLInk I/O modules can be programmed to activate on-site cameras, lights and sirens. Applications UltraLink I/O modules receive and/or transmit alarm information as part of an integrated security system.

Applications include:

  • Converting alarms generated by Senstar sensors to relays or open-collector outputs for input to a third-party Security Management System (SMS) or Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system
  • Showing the status of third-party security devices on a Senstar or third-party SMS
  • Sending camera commands to video switcher/Video Management Systems (VMS) via relays or open-collector output

Video Library


  • UltraLink Input / Output Modules Datasheet
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