Senstar Rugged Controller

Remote management with local fall-back for Senstar sensors

The Senstar Rugged Controller is a ruggedized, embedded controller for unmanned sites that enables remote management of Senstar security sensors and provides local control of security functions.

The Senstar Rugged Controller connects to a site’s Senstar sensors and I/O devices and provides a standard Ethernet/IP-based interface for communication with the Security Management System (SMS) using the facility’s own WAN/SCADA network. This provides a common network access point from which all configuration and calibration can be done, and event log data can be viewed. Maintenance visits to sites are reduced, as is the need to access individual sensors when site visits are required.

The Controller can be programmed to activate video recording and deterrence devices (lights, sirens, etc.) in response to sensor alarms or diagnostic events. Alarm response actions will occur even if network connection to the central Security Management System (SMS) is temporarily lost.

Features and Benefits

  • DIN-rail mounted, fanless operation for unattended industrial environments
  • Embedded software simplifies and reduces the cost of installation, configuration and management
  • High-level SMS integration via a bi-directional ASCII text interface or a complete SDK integration
  • Isolated Digial I/O provides integration with SCADA remote terminal units (RTUs) and Other relay-controlled subsystems
  • Redundant configuration available for increased reliability at critical sites


  • Senstar Rugged Controller Datasheet
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