Personal alarm system for emergency response

PAS (Personal Alarm System) is an ultrasonic emergency notification/communication system that determines the exact location of an individual moving throughout a facility when he or she activates their Personal Alarm Transmitter (PAT) device.

Features and benefits

How it works

Unlike radio signals (RF), ultrasonic signals do not penetrate walls, ceilings or floors. Therefore, the transmission/reception is confined to the immediate area of the transmitter and there is no confusion regarding where response should be sent. PAS is based on ultrasonic technology to ensure that location identification is accurate since there is no “bleeding” of signal between walls or floors.

The ultrasonic transmission is modulated and receivers will only alarm when they receive a transmission containing two set frequencies in an established pattern. This eliminates false alarms from items such as keys, metallic items, HVAC systems as it is extremely unlikely for the same modulated frequency pattern to be duplicated. Upon activation, the transmitter carried by an individual emits a continuous ultrasonic signal. The signal is omni-directional, eliminating the need to point or direct the transmission.


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