Motion Tracker

Indoor and outdoor motion detection system

Built for Axis network cameras and encoders, the Motion Tracker detects moving objects within a predefined area of interest. Motion Tracker also tracks the changes between frames of video, resulting in an alarm based on a tripwire or alarm zone.

Features and benefits

  • Detects motion and tracks changes between frames of video
  • Reduces VMS server CPU usage by processing video on network cameras and encoders
  • 3D model reduces false alarms by filtering objects based on size and location
  • Configuration is made easy through the intuitive user interface
  • Embedded rule engine allows events to be triggered directly on the camera, simplifying integrations with 3rd party products
  • Rich metadata can be streamed to a VMS which can be leveraged for motion recording and alarms
  • Seamless integration with Symphony™ VMS allows for dynamic reporting and video search


  • Video Analytics Brochure – Motion Tracker
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