Heavy grid intrusion detection sensor

MagBar is a combination of a physical grid with an embedded detection sensor. The detection technology can be either opti-grid (fiber optic) or cast wire, both of which are optimized to detect cutting or bending of the structure.
The heavy-gauge steel grid is very robust and will sustain heavy water flow. It remains operational even when completely submerged under water for many years.

Each MagBar segment is carefully tailored to the specific size and nature of the opening. Based on the application (water pass, window grid, etc.), each segment can be either fixed or removable on a pivot or rail. For example, a sliding rail for a gate can be designed for water passage, to automatically raise the “guillotine” like grid, when water levels reach a certain height. MagBar typically complements a larger PIDS application. The communication system should be integrated with other sensors, feeding a synchronized data stream into the Command & Control system.

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