Fiber optic cable intrusion detection sensor

Using fiber optic sensing cable, IntelliFIBER detects attempts to cut, climbing on or lifting the fence fabric by analyzing the signals generated by flexing the cable.

Features and benefits

  • Detects intrusions for up to 1 km (3,280 ft) per processor
  • Powerful Digital Signal Processing (DSP) (available in single or dual zone configuration) monitors independent zones
  • Available in 2-core cable version for sensing only, 4-core version for sensing and data communication and 4-core with integrated power for combined sensing, data communications and power distribution
  • Immune to EMI and RFI

How it works

IntelliFIBER’s unique signal processing incorporates a set of non-volatile programs called adaptive algorithms. This adjustable firmware allows features such as ambient compensation and common mode rejection to interpret the nature of the disturbance, virtually eliminating alarms caused by natural or environmental events. An optional weather sensor is available to provide each signal processor with independent verification of the current weather conditions affecting its performance. IntelliFIBER will adapt to these conditions without sacrificing detection sensitivity.

Video Library


  • IntelliFIBER A&E Specs – DOC
  • IntelliFIBER A&E Specs – PDF
  • IntelliFIBER Datasheet
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