Fence-mounted cable intrusion detection sensor

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Intelli-FLEX™ is a microphonic cable intrusion detection sensor and proven fence-mounted system for outdoor perimeter security applications. Serving a range of markets, Intelli-FLEX detects intruders cutting through, climbing on or lifting the fence fabric.


Intelli-FLEX cable can easily be installed on most fences. The proprietary sensor cable can be directly attached to the fence fabric – there is no need to weave the cable in and out of the fence fabric. UV-resistant tie wraps secure the sensor cable to the fence at 30 cm (1.0 ft.) intervals. The cable is terminated at the far end. The sensor cable is joined to standard coaxial cable for connection to the processor. The sensor cable can optionally be delivered as Armor-FLEX™ – the standard cable pre-installed in a vandal resistant flexible conduit.

How it works

Using signals generated by the minute flexing of a proprietary microphonic sensor cable, specific characteristic intrusion signatures are analyzed by powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) algorithms.

Intelli-FLEX’s unique signal processing incorporates a set of adaptive algorithms developed through years of field experience. These algorithms allow ambient compensation, common mode rejection and accurate interpretation of intrusions, virtually eliminating alarms caused by natural or environmental events. It does this without sacrificing intrusion detection capability.


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