Strain sensitive cable intrusion detection sensor

The FPS (Fence Protection System) strain sensitive cable sensor system detects mechanical disturbances on the fence caused by cutting, climbing or lifting. Advanced signal processing extracts the maximum amount of data from the fence. More information means better alarm decisions. The FPS sensor cable is equally sensitive throughout its entire length. This linear sensor enables it to be tailored to the design of the fence on site.

Senstar’s FPS system is offered in multiple variations to provide a customized solution for each client. Senstar’s 2-PAK and 4-PAK kits are variations created to provide the performance of its proven Fence Protection System (FPS) in a streamlined format that is quick to install, easy to set up and operate, and interfaces easily to almost any alarm management system. A single control module located indoors powers the fence-mounted pre-amplifiers, performs all alarm processing, and provides the user with convenient access to all user settings and alarm outputs.

2-PAK and 4-PAK kits combine all the electronic and interconnect elements required to provide either 2 zones or 4 zones of detection respectively. A 2-PAK kit can support up to 2,000 ft. (610 m) of sensor cable, a 4-PAK kit can support up to 4,000 ft. (1,219 m) of sensor cable. Standard sensor cable, sold separately, is available in roll lengths of 328 ft. (100 m), 656 ft. (200 m) and 984 ft. (300 m).

Other variations include:

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