Real-Time Locating System

To help keep personnel working in high-threat environments safe, the Flare Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) instantly identifies and locates personal duress alarms at the touch of a button. Designed for reliability in institutional and industrial environments, the Flare RTLS uses proven, cost-effective technology that has been keeping staff safe for over 20 years.

Features and benefits

  • Scalable location accuracy to meet customer operational requirements
  • Low sensor unit density minimizes installation costs (each room does not require a dedicated sensor unit)
  • Provides coverage in rooms, stairwells and corridors with no blind spots
  • Resolves to the floor in multi-level facilities
  • Signal not blocked by smoke, heavy clothing, or the human body
  • Provides indoor and outdoor coverage
  • Uses field-proven, ultra-reliable technology
  • Belt-worn, Personal Protection Device (PPD) with pull-pin and man-down (tilt activated) options
  • NEW – PPD Compact that can be worn in a variety of ways, including on a lanyard – ideal for support and administrative staff in institutional environments, as well as visitors

How it works

The Flare RTLS uses patented technology that works with the building’s RF characteristics to accurately and reliably locate duress alarms. In the event of danger, the user activates a Personal Protection Device (PPD). The PPD emits an RF signal that is detected by a network of sensor units concealed throughout the building.


Video Library


  • Flare A&E Specs – DOC
  • Flare A&E Specs – PDF
  • Flare Datasheet
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