Crowd Detection

Detect crowd formations and improve public safety

The Crowd Detection video analytic immediately detects crowd formations and triggers alarms when a specified number of people (capacity) or a specified percentage of people (occupancy) is reached in the selected area.

Features and benefits

  • Improve public safety by detecting the sudden formation of crowds in defined regions of interest
  • Identify people and vehicles for outdoor perimeter protection and monitoring with high quality video for future forensic purposes
  • Highlight camera feeds of interest during live monitoring settings
  • Decrease the number of security operators dedicated to monitoring live surveillance footage


Providing real-time occupancy estimation for indoor and outdoor deployments, Crowd Detection is ideal for monitoring public spaces, event venues, and capacity restricted environments.

Can also be used to improve customer experiences by monitoring typical occupancy levels to identify bottlenecks and overcrowding in places such as retail and VIP lounges.

Video Library


  • Video Analytics Brochure – Crowd Detection
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