Senstar Symphony

Licensing: Standard, Professional, Enterprise

The Industry’s Simplest Licensing Model

Senstar Symphony Standard

Senstar Symphony Standard is the ideal choice for organizations making a transition from analog CCTV or DVR technology to IP video, while looking to simplify the management of network video.

  • Leverage commercial off-the-shelf computers from leading manufacturers
  • Unlimited* cameras per server
  • Edge storage support
  • Automated response to alarms (e.g. send email notification, start recording, etc.)
  • Remote live view
  • Video Analytics Support
  • Continuous recording on motion or alarm
  • Integrated site map
  • Multi-stream camera support
  • Mobile device support (iOS/Android)
  • Robust video management recording features

* The server requires 1 license per device. Ex: for a system with 32 cameras and one DIO device, you require 33 licenses. If you increase the number of managed devices, the number of licenses will also need to be increased.

Senstar Symphony Professional

Senstar Symphony Professional combines the robust video recording features of the Standard license with multi-server scalability, third-party system integration, and centralized event management capabilities.

  • Multi-server integration
  • Integrations to 3rd party systems (e.g. electronic access control integration)

Senstar Symphony Enterprise

Senstar Symphony Enterprise incorporates all the features and capabilities of standard and professional licenses. From built-in redundancy to video wall support and GIS maps, Symphony Enterprise delivers the most comprehensive video management system.

  • Server failover
  • Storage failover
  • Video wall
  • GIS map support (ArcGIS)
  • Load balancing
 Standard License
(single server)
Professional License
Enterprise License
(high availability)
Supported operating system
Windows 7, 10, Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019
Number of cameras per server102410241024
Number of concurrent client connectionsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
(server farm)
HTML-5 compliance web client***
Mobile application
(iOS, Apple)
Server virtualization***
2-way audio***
Unicast, multicast and multistream support***
Network video support (MJPEG/MPEG-4/H.264)***
Device packs***
Automatic software updates***
Multilanguage support***
Customizable user access levels***
Time-based access to recorded video**
Automatic server failover*
Video wall*
Storage and Archiving
Record locally or to edge/network storage***
Record on motion (from camera), schedule, alarm and continuous***
Redundant recording*
Failover recording*
Automatic camera detection***
Centralized device management***
Automatic configuration backups***
Uninterrupted configuration changes***
Remote diagnostics***
SNMP health monitoring***
CPU overload protection*
Cloud managementRequires Senstar Enterprise Manager
External I/O devices***
Generic events via TCP/IP***
Alarm panel***
Access control**
Server API/SDK**
OPC data access support**
Alerts and Notifications
Mobile devices (iOS and Android)***
I/O devices***
Email notification, FTP, TCP***