Sensor Fusion Example #5

Boolean Logic vs Sensor Fusion - Intruder in a Snowstorm

This time, our site is in the middle of a snowstorm, with snow and ice covering cameras C, D, and F. An intruder starts scaling the fence in zone C.

Boolean Logic

The ice and snow covering the cameras in zones C, D, and F render those zones inactive. Even though the fence in zone C is shaking because a person is scaling it, the Boolean system requires both camera detection as well as fence motion to report an alert so the system remains quiet and fails to detect an intrusion.

Sensor Fusion

The sensor fusion system is not completely reliant on functional cameras since its AI engine has been trained under a multitude of conditions. Hence, once the cameras become covered with ice or snow, the system reverts to relying solely on the fence motion sensors. Even here, it can tell human-created motion from that caused by wind or blowing vegetation, and so it correctly detects an intrusion attempt in zone C.