Senstar’s Ranging Buried Cable completes National Safe Skies Alliance evaluation

June 28, 2012 – Herndon, Virginia – Senstar, Inc., announced that its OmniTrax® Ranging Buried Cable, Intrusion Detection Sensor, has completed operational test and evaluation by the National Safe Skies Alliance (Safe Skies) at their outdoor perimeter test facilities.

Safe Skies evaluation report, DHS/TSA SSDA—12-010, titled “Senstar, Inc. OmniTrax® Perimeter Intrusion Detection Device Effectiveness Evaluation Report”, is available for review at TSA’s secure ACO-200 Web Bulletin Board System by authorized personnel and organizations.

Safe Skies, an independent third-party non-profit organization, funded by the Federal Aviation Administration, completed on March 2012 rigorous and thorough tests to detect threat, nuisance & false alarm, reliability and maintainability within active airport operational and environmental conditions, over a nine month period. This test was performed utilizing an ISO 9001:2008 approved Quality Management System.

“We firmly believe that OmniTrax® systems provide an exceptionally capable and cost effective long term solution for airport perimeter security,” added Jim Quick, Senstar, Inc. President. “We encourage everyone with the immense responsibility of securing our nation’s transportation facilities to obtain Safe Skies reports on OmniTrax® to make an informed decision.”

The Airport Security System Integrated Support Testing (ASSIST) Program is a collaborative effort between all commercial service airports in the United States, Transportation Security Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, Airports Council International-North America, American Association of Airport Executives, and Airport Consultants Council. Safe Skies created the ASSIST Program to fulfill its core purpose of helping airport operators meet their security responsibilities using a transparent process for identifying, selecting, and executing projects designed to create a more efficient and effective airport security system.

About OmniTrax® – Watch how it works.
Senstar’s OmniTrax® Ranging Buried Cable Intrusion Detection Sensor is a mature, sixth generation outdoor security intrusion detection sensor that generates an invisible detection field around buried sensor cables. If an intrusion threat disturbs the field, an alarm is declared and single and multiple intrusion locations are identified within one meter of intrusion attempts. With industry leading integration capabilities, intrusion detection locations can be automatically provided for CCTV assessment and/or intrusion alarm first responders for action.

About Senstar
Senstar Corporation has been manufacturing, selling and supporting a broad portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensor technologies for close to 30 years. In thousands of sites, in more than 80 countries, the company’s products provide reliable detection of intruders as soon as they enter restricted or sensitive areas, giving security forces the advance warning they need to react. Senstar’s products and solutions can be found around the world in airports, borders, ports, VIP residences, military and government sites, correctional facilities, industrial and commercial installations, major utilities and critical infrastructure sites. From sensors to alarm monitoring and control, Senstar is truly a world leader in perimeter intrusion detection technology and products.

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