Senstar Showcasing New Products at Security Canada Central

Wireless gate sensor and new security management system are latest additions to product portfolio 

Toronto, ON (Security Canada Central) – October 21, 2015 – Senstar, the world’s largest manufacturer of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) is showcasing the newest additions to its market-leading product portfolio – the FlexZone Wireless Gate Sensor and the StarNet 2 Security Management System – at Security Canada Central.

“Senstar is continuously evolving our product portfolio to improve our offering and exploring new technologies to address changing security environments,” said Senstar’s Head of Canadian Sales Bruce Belyea. “The three products introduced by Senstar in 2015 are excellent examples of our commitment to innovation and to protecting our customers’ most important assets.”

The FlexZone Wireless Gate Sensor is an accelerometer-based device that detects attempts to open, cut, climb, or otherwise break through a sliding or swinging gate. The compact, all-weather sensor module is attached directly onto the gate fabric and transmits alarm data to a nearby FlexZone processor over an encrypted link. An ultra-low-power device, the sensor module is powered from its built-in solar panel and/or internal batteries, eliminating the need to route cables from the fence to the gate and simplifying maintenance.

StarNet 2 is a full-featured security management system (SMS) optimized for the management and operation of perimeter protection and intrusion detection systems. Organized around a visual, map-based interface, the StarNet 2 SMS provides a streamlined user experience for operators handling everything from daily routines to crisis situations, enabling organizations to reduce reaction times, improve efficiency and safeguard personnel and property.

To learn about the FlexZone Wireless Gate Sensor and StarNet 2, visit Senstar at booth 240 at Security Canada Central from October 21-22. Also check out Senstar’s other exciting products: FlexZone our ranging fence-mounted detection system; FiberPatrol, our ranging fiber system which provides pin-point detection for long perimeters; OmniTrax, our award-winning ranging buried cable detection sensor; and Flare, our personal emergency locating system.

About Senstar Corporation Senstar, the trusted innovator safeguarding people, places and property, has been manufacturing, selling and supporting the world’s largest portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensor technologies for more than 30 years. Senstar is also a leading provider of life safety / emergency call solutions, as well as of a new line of solutions that protect security networks against cyber threats. Senstar’s products and solutions can be found around the world in more than 80 countries, in tens of thousands of sites including borders, ports, military and government, correctional facilities, medical marijuana facilities and other critical sites.  YouTube: SenstarCorp  Twitter: @SenstarCorp

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