Senstar Introduces FiberPatrol® FP7000 Pipeline Integrity Monitoring System for Leak Detection and Third-Party Interference

Patented technology enables detection of small leaks faster than any other system on the market

Ottawa, ON, Canada – September 20, 2018 – Senstar, a world leader in perimeter intrusion detection and video management solutions, is pleased to announce the FiberPatrol FP7000 fiber optic pipeline integrity monitoring system. The system enhances integrity management programs for both gas and liquid-carrying pipelines by providing early detection of leaks and third-party interference (TPI), and offers distinct performance advantages over other systems on the market. FiberPatrol FP7000 can also be used for fence-mounted intrusion detection.

“Senstar products have been protecting critical above-ground infrastructure for the oil and gas industry for over 35 years, so it was a logical progression to apply our technologies to underground infrastructure,” said Product Manager Stewart Dewar. “We can now offer complete and integrated end-to-end pipeline security solution to customers in this market.”

Combining patented Distributed Differential Temperature Sensing (DDTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technologies, the FiberPatrol FP7000 detects and locates small leaks faster and more accurately than traditional flow and pressure-monitoring solutions or other fiber-based solutions. In addition, TPI detection helps to avoid leaks in the first place by detecting digging or tampering before damage can occur. FP7000’s DDTS technology can continuously monitor temperature (from a reference temperature) along the entire length of the sensor and can detect changes in temperature and temperature rate as low as 0.0005 oC and 0.001 oC/min, respectively. In addition, FP7000’s DAS technology detects minute acoustic signals emanating from a leak. The extreme sensitivity of DDTS and integration of both DDTS and DAS in one system enable the FP7000 to detect small leaks faster than any other leak detection system.

“Through intense scientific research and development, our fiber optic experts have developed this leading-edge technology for detecting pipeline leaks,” said VP of Engineering Shailesh Singh. “Our patented technology allows for detection of small liquid and gas leaks that would be undetectable with competing technologies, while simultaneously rejecting environmental factors caused by weather or nuisance sources.”

The FP7000 joins Senstar’s growing FiberPatrol family that includes fence-mounted intrusion detection, buried intrusion detection, TPI detection for pipelines and now leak detection for pipelines. The addition of leak detection to Senstar’s product portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection and video management solutions allows Senstar to provide end-to-end security of above and below-ground pipeline assets.

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