A new generation of fence-mounted intrusion detector for Senstar

Ottawa, Canada – Senstar Corporation, a world-leader in outdoor intrusion detection technologies, today announced a new microphonic fence-mounted sensor that detects unwanted intrusions at the perimeter to provide advanced warning to security forces.

FlexPS offers the most advanced processing and suite of diagnostic information of its kind in the industry. It cherry picks the best of similar products of Senstar plus more, all packaged into a new system with state of the art electronics and communication, supported by the capability of backward compatibility with all of Senstar’s existing fence mounted products.

“For the last 30 years, Senstar has invested all of its effort in our number one asset – our customers”, said Brian Rich, President, Senstar Corporation.

“As a market leader in fence-mounted intrusion detection products, we are bringing increased value to our customers across the whole product life cycle – easier installation and set up, remote monitoring and calibration, long term support of the electronics, lower power consumption and a clear migration path from the current products into the next generation.”

Mr. Rich said that in doing so, Senstar has taken into account its large existing installed customer base in order to preserve their investment while introducing the new product. FlexPS is comparably priced with the company’s existing microphonic fence-mounted sensors.

FlexPS brings together the best of both of Senstar’s current fence-mounted technologies: Intelli-FLEX and FPS. While these products will continue to be supported, FlexPS will become the choice for new sites as well as expansions, upgrades and replacement of existing systems.

FlexPS detects intruders on a fence and has the ability to distinguish whether the intrusion is a climb, cut or fabric lift. It is easily installed through the use of cable tie wraps on most fence types and one processor can provide up to 600 meters (2,000 feet) of perimeter protection. The cable can be separated into two distinct detection zones providing customers with complete flexibility, for example, in the case of varying fence types on a perimeter. Intrusion alarms from FlexPS can be sent to a central command and control center (Senstar’s or third party) for assessment.

FlexPS is a cost-effective solution for commercial and industrial sites, correctional facilities, military bases, critical infrastructure sites, equipment and storage yards and VIP installations where existing fences are located.

FlexPS will be on display at ASIS, October 12-14 in Dallas, Texas.

Company background:

Senstar Corporation has been manufacturing, selling and supporting a broad portfolio of perimeter intrusion detection sensor technologies for close to 30 years.  In thousands of sites, in more than 80 countries, the company’s products provide reliable detection of intruders as soon as they enter restricted or sensitive areas, giving security forces the advance warning they need to react.

Senstar’s products and solutions can be found in sites around the world including airports, borders, ports, VIP residences, military and government sites, correctional facilities, industrial and commercial installations, major utilities and critical infrastructure sites.  From sensors to alarm monitoring and control, infrared illuminators to CCTV solutions, Senstar is truly a world leader in perimeter intrusion detection technology and products. www.senstar.com

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