Reduce shrinkage and improve customer experience

Senstar video management systems and analytics help retailers secure spaces and gather business intelligence.

Through the use of these solutions, retailers can:

  • Monitor different areas of a store to deter theft, reduce shrinkage, and protect staff and customers.
  • Collect valuable business intelligence to improve customer service and increase sales.
  • Centrally manage multi-site video surveillance systems by quickly and easily performing software updates, defining settings, and monitoring system health from one location.

Key video analytics for retail include:

  • Indoor People Tracking – Generate heat maps to understand traffic flow through stores, in order to determine optimal product placements that maximize traffic and highlight promotions.
  • Crowd Detection – Manage product launches that attract crowds. Alert security and staff the moment a crowd gathers outside your store, or any day you’re not expecting one.
  • Face Recognition – Identify known shoplifters and preferred customers to reduce theft while improving customer service.
  • People Counter – Optimize for all your busy times, not just the holidays.  With an accurate count, you can ensure the right number of staff on any given day and customize periodic sales based on traffic.

Senstar also offers a low-cost thin client solution to deter shoplifters and promote your brand. A small, concealable device that can be installed in less than five minutes, it can display a live video at store entrances and provide video feeds to your smartphone.

Applicable solutions

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  • Case Study – Cosmo Music
  • Case Study – Ferreteria Ochoa
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