Secure civic spaces and institutions

Senstar protects high-risk and vulnerable government sites around the world.

Senstar products and systems (perimeter intrusion detection, video management, and cyber security) protect a wide range of government organizations and institutions, including security agencies, police forces, communications centers, municipalities, customs & immigration, border agencies, cultural sites, central banks, currency printing facilities, courthouses, legislative complexes, and heads-of-state residences and embassies.

With its extensive experience and worldwide support network, Senstar can help governments with:

  • City surveillance – Senstar video and analytics solutions make the cost-effective management of a large numbers of cameras and video footage possible by offering centralized management, scalable architectures, and video analytics to reduce operator workloads.
  • Perimeter security – Senstar perimeter intrusion detection and video analytics systems can protect sites of any size, ensuring potential instruders are detected before they gain access.
  • Cyber security – Government networks are key targets for hackers and espionage. Senstar cyber solutions ensure security networks are protected from tampering.

Applicable solutions

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  • Intrusion detection solutions for border security
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