Receive advance warning of theft or vandalism

A fence around the perimeter of a business is only a minor deterrent for determined intruders. Most fences can be bypassed in seconds and by the time intruders are detected by a building’s alarm system, it’s often too late to protect assets from theft and vandalism.

Senstar’s perimeter intrusion detection and video management solutions can help. Detecting and analyzing an intrusion attempt before an intruder gains access – and having this information communicated to site security systems, including cameras and security lighting – can both prevent crimes from occurring and improve the response times of security forces or law enforcement.

Senstar offers a range of perimeter intrusion detection systems designed to protect commercial sites of any size including fence-mounted sensors, intelligent perimeter lighting, and covert buried sensors.

Senstar’s video management and analytics products can alert business owners to suspicious activity on their property and can provide important analytical information to track down suspects following an incident. In addition, centralized IT management simplifies deployment and management for those with a large number of sites and cameras.

With video analytics, security investments can be leveraged to provide additional business intelligence data. For example, information from people tracking, face recognition, and vehicle tracking can be used to improve safety and organizational efficiency.

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Applicable solutions

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