Security Digest

Using Thin Client with Third-Party VMS

Security guard at multiple monitors to show how Thin Client provides live video feeds of specific cameras to third-party security contractors without granting direct server access

Did you know that the Senstar Thin Client can stream live video from ONVIF and RTSP compliant sources, including third-party video management software (VMS) like Milestone® XProtect® and Lenel® Prism®?

One common use of Thin Client is to extend a site’s existing security surveillance system by adding additional viewer screens. For example, to deter potential criminal activity, an organization may want to display live video on a screen in a public area to show visitors they are under surveillance. The Thin Client, with its small form factor and maintenance-free operation, can be installed directly on the back the monitor, safe and secure with no visible cables.

Another use is to leverage the surveillance system for non-security applications. For example, it may be useful to see a live stream of activity going on in another part of the building, such as customers waiting for service or to ensure visitors are promptly greeted at reception. One customer even used Thin Client to decorate their below-ground public archives with “virtual windows” to the outside!

Watch our instructional videos and see how easy it is to use Thin Client.