Security Digest

They’re Doing WHAT? Senstar Products Are Being Used in Many Unique Situations

Screen shot from Commom Operating Platform video showing different security and operations systems that can be brought together with Symphony

As a global leader in perimeter intrusion detection systems and video management software and analytics, Senstar products protect thousands of sites worldwide.

While typical installations include correctional facilities, industrial operations, critical infrastructure sites, and retail and commercial locations, Senstar products are also being used in some unconventional situations.

  • Wildlife Observation – It is often too risky for tourists to stand on the decks of tour boats in the North Sea to view wildlife. Using the Thin Client, tourists can watch wildlife on monitors from inside the boat.
  • Wildlife Notification – Car and deer collisions are a major issue on a northwestern US highway. The OmniTrax buried intrusion detection system detects deer crossing the road, setting off warning signs to alert approaching drivers.
  • Bird ProtectionSymphony VMS and video analytics are used to alert Baltic Sea rangers when there are dangers to breeding birds, such as predatory animals and tourists.
  • Poaching Prevention – In an effort to eliminate poaching in national parks in South Africa, the FiberPatrol fiber optic intrusion detection system was installed along perimeter fences to alert park rangers of poachers trying to enter the park.
  • Steam Escape Monitoring – Senstar video analytics have been used to monitor steam valves and alert staff if any steam is escaping.
  • Dam Fortification – To address security concerns, FiberPatrol was installed on steel netting placed in the Nile river in an effort to prevent terrorists from blowing up dams.
  • Sea Monster Detection – In Sweden, the Symphony VMS was used on underwater and surface cameras around Lake Storsjön in an attempt to document video proof of the existence of Storsjöodjuret, The Great Lake Sea Monster. Images from the cameras were streamed live to a website so that the public could monitor any monster activity.
  • Sport Viewing Optimization – In Canadian curling rinks, the Thin Client is being used with cameras hanging over the far end of the rink to display live action shots to those watching in the lobby.

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