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Enhancing Ameristar Fences with Senstar Fence Sensors

Ameristar fences are designed to covertly incorporate FlexZone and FiberPatrol sensors

Did you know Ameristar fences, including the palisade-style Impasse II, and the welded-wire Matrix and WireWorks Anti-Climb, have cable management conduits designed to covertly incorporate Senstar’s FlexZone and FiberPatrol perimeter intrusion detection sensors? The sensor cable is installed inside the rail conduit. Senstar offers customized cable clips to ensure the sensor remains in close contact with the fence structure. This ensures that any attempt to climb or break through the security fence is immediately detected, while the rigid nature of the fence itself ensures a low nuisance alarm rate.

If perimeter lighting is required in addition to intrusion detection, the Senstar LM100 hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system may be used instead of a cable-based sensor. In this case, the individual luminaires are attached to the posts via steel clamps while the power cable is routed inside the rail conduit.

All of Senstar’s fence sensors include a “rigid” fence setting, making it easy to obtain optimal performance on Ameristar fences.

Ameristar fences can covertly incorporate FlexZone and FiberPatrol sensors