Articulos que enriquecen y aplican las tecnologias de seguridad fisica

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    Border Walls

    Many people believe border walls to be an effective solution by which nations can secure their borders, providing an effective perimeter security solution. However, many experts question whether or not these...
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    Infrastructure Security

    Physical and cyber security measures must be taken to protect critical infrastructure from sabotage, terrorism, and contamination. Critical infrastructures include: Chemical Sector Commercial Facilities Sector Communications Sector Critical Manufacturing Sector Dams...
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    What is Infrastructure Security?

    Infrastructure security is the protection of structures and systems designed to protect infrastructure, especially critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructures are interconnected with information technology where they become highly vulnerable to sabotage, terrorism,...
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    Infrastructure Security Risks

    Countries rely on the continued and essential function of our critical infrastructure. Incidental or deliberate damage can: Threaten national security Cause mass casualties Weaken the economy Damage public morale and confidence...
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    Cyber Threats

    As the world quickly adopts digital frameworks, cyber threats are becoming increasingly common. These attacks can cause data to be lost or stolen and disrupt our daily lives. They come in...