Articulos que enriquecen y aplican las tecnologias de seguridad fisica

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    Stun Fencing or Non-Lethal Electrified Fence (NLEF)

    A stun fence is a non-lethal electrified fence (NLEF) that provides an uncomfortable shock instead of a lethal one. This type of fencing offers both deterrence and protection. Thus it’s become...
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    Electric Fencing

    Electric fences are a safe and effective deterrent for humans, wildlife, and intruders. They make perimeter security much more secure and simpler to maintain. An electric fence is a system of...
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    Razor Wire

    Razor wire (also referred to as barbed tape or ribbon) is used to protect boundaries and/or perimeters by preventing or dissuading passage by humans. Razor wire’s points are made very sharp...
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    Visibility and Security Lighting

    With vision playing such a crucial role in the decision-making process, it is not surprising that security lighting facilitates our ability to see. With better visibility of the environment and surroundings,...
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    Security Lighting Glossary and Acronyms

    AHJ – Authority Having Jurisdiction CCT – Correlated Color Temperature CCVE – Closed Circuit Video Equipment CIE – Commission internationale de l’éclairage (International Commission on Illumination) CPTED – Crime Prevention Through...