Security Digest

Open Platform, Certified Third-Party Integrations

Maintain Your Perimeter

Installing a video surveillance system is usually one of the first steps organizations take to secure their premises. As organizations grow or security requirements change, a multi-layered approach involving a secure perimeter becomes increasingly important. Perimeter intrusion detection sensors (fence sensors, buried sensors, above-ground sensors, and outdoor-optimized video analytics help secure the site by detecting and locating intrusions before the intruder can reach the buildings or sensitive areas. 

At Senstar, we are often asked if our comprehensive portfolio of sensor products will work with a site’s existing video or security management software (VMS/SMS). The short answer is Yes! The long answer: our products support open, industry-standard interfaces that ensure compatibility with third-party systems, cameras, and devices: 

  • Certified integrations available for all major VMS/SMS systems 
  • Free, field-tested, simple to integrate, documented SDK/API 
  • Custom messages over TCP/IP 
  • Hardware I/O 

Senstar’s open, industry-standard interfaces avoid vendor lock-in and guarantee future options as requirements and systems change. 

Integration App Notes 

To assist customers with integrating our perimeter intrusion detection sensors with industry-standard video and security management systems (VMS/SMS), we’ve prepared a set of helpful app notes:  

See Senstar’s Technology Partners page for a comprehensive list of supported applications and software vendors. Not on the list? Contact us.